What makes FITC Toronto, or any FITC event for that matter, different from other conferences is its creatively-minded take on technology. It doesn't matter if a talk is more technically-minded, every speaker has a way of conveying their thoughts, their passions, in a lovingly curious way. Each year's talks aren't simply meant to unleash big ideas in the digital world, but to remind us of the warmth and love for discovery in the spaces they work in.
Day Three was, once again, full of engaging talks with some incredible speakers. Let's take a look at some of Day Three's talks and how they furthered the FITC experience.
Esther Jun Kim's talk, Interacting with Intel Edison, introduced us to Intel's newest maker platform - a tiny computer that can be used as a development system for wearable technology. Working as UX Researcher and Prototyper at Intel's New Devices Group, Kim's eager fascination with the Edison was clear, giving us a glimpse into the makings of this intelligent device and how its simple operating system paves the way to some extraordinary capabilities.
Ana Serrano, Chief Digital Officer of the CFC and Founder of CFC Media Lab, later enraptured us with her talk,Living Inside a Cronenbergian Film, conveying her love for the seminal works of narrative director, David Cronenberg and how that fascination led her to introduce the world to the visceral Body/Mind/Change Cronenberg experiment. Featured at Toronto's TIFF Lightbox last year, this alternate reality game (ARG) reminded us of the technological capabilities and potential in the things we love.FITC's talks are already personal and passionate enough, but their B-Side Room unleashes a whole new level of connection, reminding us of how human each of these speakers is. In The Collective Throwdown, Ash Thorpe, GMUNK and beeple sat down to further discuss their unique takes on design, what their work means to them, their stories in success and failure and how they are able to balance such demanding careers while preserving creative integrity. What can we learn about these three prolific graphic designers? It's the love for challenge that keeps them going.
Graphic designer James White is no stranger to FITC, giving us his heartfelt journey into fame and discovery, while preserving the child-like whimsy that fuels the work he creates. His closing talk, Masters of the Universe, was yet another joyful experience, reminding us to love what we love and to nurture those passions, wherever they may take us. There's no saying where those passions can lead to, but with enough heart and vigor, those possibilities are never-ending.And with that, another year of FITC Toronto comes and goes. Goodbyes are never easy, especially when something inspiring gracefully glides over our minds, but those ideas and passion to create never stop. This year's event featured some fascinating speakers, fearlessly pouring their hearts into the world of technology. They gave opportunities to discover, and re-discover, the value we need to preserve within ourselves and the digital space surrounding us. What new creations, technological advancements, are in store and how will those shape the people we are? Now it's your turn - let's see what you're made of.


Article by Erika Szabo

Erika Szabo