The first three Conversations, filmed at FITC Toronto 2008 are now online. The Conversations series consists of candid discussions between FITC speakers. They kick back on a couch and talk about what's on their minds. Everything from what's inspiring them to the technical depths of their current projects.

The first three Conversations to go online this year are:

  • Colin Moock and Jim Corbett
  • Joshua Davis and Tali Krakowsky
  • Thijs Trimestra and Chris Allen

All the videos can be found here:

The one that die hard Flash developers are going to love is Colin and Jim. Colin comes in prepared with a list of indepth questions for Jim, a Flash Player engineer. If you are one of the many people who thought Jim's presentation was the highlight of FITC, wait until you hear this discussion.


We'll be posting more of the Conversations over the next few weeks.