We are all very excited about the upcoming event, and are still working on all the last minute details to ensure you all have a great time at FITC Toronto be we also want to give you an update on something that may have a small affect on some presentations.

Ash Clouds. Who would have ever thought that an event in Toronto would have to worry about volcanoes? How crazy is that? Well, the situation is being monitored daily. At this point, we have 14 out of our 70 presenters who are flying in from Europe. We are working on a worst case contingency plan for the possibility that some of them may not be able to make it. This plan includes video conferencing some of them in, and /or substitute presenters.

The good news is that, as of today, all of the European Airports have re-opened (except Helsinki), and are aiming to be at full capacity within 24 hrs. The NY TImes has great updates on the closings.

So what I'm saying is that we're optimistic that things are going to work out after all! Rest assured we are doing all we can to get everyone here, and that we will have a plan in case some of them can not get into Toronto. Any questions, just let us know on Twitter or Facebook.