We are looking for someone special, someone who can communicate across all mediums. Twitter, Facebook, email, phone, and in person.
Someone dynamic, articulate, hungry to learn and eager to meet new people and is also well organized. This job is a mix of a few
different roles, a mash-up of Social Media/communications/PR roles.
This role will manage all outgoing communications for FITC. They will be in contact with our attendees, our speakers, our sponsors, our supporters, our press, everyone. It's a very important role, and we need to find the right person. We have a small team, a small downtown
office with a casual atmosphere, and we're looking for someone passionate, bright, and interested in changing the world.
- No experience necessary. Since we just made up the title, it's pretty hard to ask for experience in the role.
- Must have very strong writing skills. Creative/editing/grammar
- Must be comfortable with people, in person, on the phone.
- Must be presentable. That doesn't mean a suit.
- Must have valid passport and be able (and interested) in traveling.
- Must have a good grasp of social media and the interactive industry
- Must be able to edit HTML and do simple work in Illustrator and Photoshop (ie resizing images)
- Must have strong research skills
Assets but not required
- Design/Creative skills
- HTML or dreamweaver
- Drivers Licence and/or a car
- A second language. Special bonus for Japanese or Dutch.
Things we are not interested in
- Your resume
- How many people follow you on twitter
- How many linkedin people you have
- How many friends you have on facebook
- People who are not digital
To apply
Please do not phone, fax, or send us a Resume. We will not read it. This is a unique role, and requires a unique person who can problem solve and figure things out. The person who is right for this job will have to contact the Director of FITC, Shawn Pucknell, directly, and get his attention and make an impression. You will be judged primarily on how and what you communicate to him. He's looking for something unique and creative.
About FITC Events
FITC has produced over 50 events since 2002, with over 20,000 attendees through 19 cities around the world including Toronto, Amsterdam, Tokyo, San Francisco, Chicago, Seoul, New York, Los Angeles, and many more. From Flash to Motion Design, FLEX to AIR, Mobile and more, each FITC event stands as a unique and exciting experience that inspires, educates and challenges.