FITC is proud to be working with Springfestival in Graz, Austria on an event called Springsessions with a few of our favourite speakers including Robert Lindstrom, Evan Roth, Jason Theodor, Tali Krakowsky, United Visual Artists, MK12, Jared Ficklin, Scott Hansen, and Brendan Dawes

Springsessions will be taking place during the festival in a specially adapted intimate environment.  All curious minds are welcome.

Our vision is of a gathering of peers who share, discuss and rethink all things digital - and by doing so actively create the future. Visual artists, creative directors, programmers, filmmakers, social experimenters, cultural researchers; 12 digital innovators will come together at Springsessions to talk about digital art and interactive design, brand storytelling and new media, virtual environments and user experience architecture, creativity and collaboration, improvement through innovation, and much more.

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