Once again, FITC hooked up with the dutch Adobe User Group and organized a very exclusive ‘preview’ event. Here, you get to see some of the speakers that will be presenting at FITC Amsterdam, but only if you were on the list. Getting your name on that list was relatively easy, all you had to do was send a tweet! Minimum effort = maximum enjoyability!

This year, they held the event at a very cool venue; hip hop / r&b club ‘Bitterzoet’ (dutch for Bittersweet). The lineup was even more enjoyable than last year: Bradley G Munkowitz, more commonly known as GMUNK (@gmunk), Zachary Lieberman (@zachlieberman) from openFrameworks, Anrick Bregman from Unit9 (@anrickbregman) and last but not least, the folks from Fantasy Interactive had their own delegation in the form of Irene Pereyra and Anton Repponen (@repponen). Every speaker had 15 minutes to present their latest work, commissioned or non-commissioned.

GMUNK kicked things off with a rather unprepared session, sliding through his deck like a madman stopping at the interesting stuff. His latest work covers the FITC titles and a behind-the-scenes look, a commercial for James Bond by SONY and loads of amazing visuals for TRON.

The second speaker, Zachary Lieberman, is very proud to present his latest project; Nike+ Paint with your feet. This is what happens if your GPS run data is converted into a beautiful piece of art that is based on the speed of your run. He also goes through a portfolio of work created by other people using openFrameworks. The last thing he shows us, is how they created their own font using an Toyota IQ car and openFrameworks to actually draw the car’s movements.

Anrick Bregman, the next speaker, is inspired by the absurdity of life. He is here to show us how his work reflects this. He starts by telling us about his obsession with clouds on the ‘Find your way to Oz’ project they recently did for Disney. A full WebGL / HTML5 project with fluid animations, gloomy graphics and spatial music.

After a short beer break, it is time for the final speakers to take the stage. Irene Pereyra and Anton Repponen from F.I. arrived to talk about F.I. as an agency; how they got started, their dream clients and a little bit on where they are heading. A fairly large chunk talks about the culture inside F.I., and that they have built a special closet where everyone takes off their shoes. Even the clients. This led to some hilarious situations and one client even walked away, never to be heard from! At the end of their presentation, they had a special treat from the CEO of Wacom. How they pulled this off, I have no idea - but it was amazing, nonetheless!

Great speakers, cool presentations, free beers and a great DJ. All rocking it in the city center of Amsterdam. Hopefully they will do this every year! Only 361 nights before the next event...


Written by: Sidney de Koning

This post was written by guest blogger, Sidney de Koning from Mannetje de Koning, who attended and covered four sessions at FITC Amsterdam.