Dominic works between the worlds of art, design, craft and technology to create innovative and thought provoking objects.  Founder of The Little Inventors Project, and author of Variations of Normal, Dominic started a self-initiated quest to re-invent the every day through the lens of creativity.

After rave reviews at FITC Amsterdam 2016, we're bringing him across the pond for FITC Toronto: April 23-25, 2017.

The Little Inventors project takes children’s invention ideas and makes them real. Have there been any ideas that you just know would be amazing, but haven’t quite nailed down how to make them real?

Our rule at Little Inventors is that if it is a great idea then we will make it. Of course some ideas involve magic or currently impossible technology but we will find a maker who can get a prototype as close as they can to the original idea.
One girl designed an invisibility shield for homes in war zones. A maker at a local Fab Lab made a beautiful model of the home that really brought the idea to life.

The making aspect is focused on communicating the child's idea beyond their initial drawing no matter how impossible it may seem.

You recently opened the first gallery show for dogs. Which piece was the favourite amongst the canine attendees?

The most tails wagged were at the giant ball pit dog food bowl. Little terriers taking a run and jump into it.

If you could recruit a sidekick with any skill you don’t currently have, what skill would that be?

A virtual reality coder or a person who delights in the art of emails.

What is the invention you’re obviously working on in a secret lair that you will inevitably unveil and use to take over the world?

I tend to jump around between types of ideas. Recently I've found enjoyment and satisfaction in thinking up ideas that ask the general public to leap into the world of creativity or at least dip their toe. There's a lot of untapped creative potential out there.

The theme for FITC Toronto in 2017 is Step into the Light - can you tell us what this means to you?

Well, at some point you have to trust in yourself and share what's going on inside. That's what I love about creativity.

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