Bank Run is the combination of a unique online interactive experience plus iPhone game. There are two parts to Bank Run. Part one is online at Players are able to watch and interact with the storyline by making key decisions for your character, Evan. In addition to these decision points, there is an additional level of gameplay in the online version that we call "playable moments." You'll have to react quickly and use your keyboard to help your character survive. At the end of part one, you'll get to a cliff hanger which will prompt to you continue your adventure on your iphone with Part 2.

The iPhone game has two different kinds of shooter games, a 2-d side scrolling game and an over the shoulder shooter. As you beat each level of the game, more and more of the story is revealed to you until you get to the end. After the final scene, players are given a secret code that allows them to go back online, enter the code and see a bonus scene. There's also an infinite arcade mode for added playability.

I sat down with the makers of Bank Run, Silk Tricky and asked them some questions on what made this such a fun and unique project.

Why SilkTricky made it

We wanted to make Bank Run because we're passionate about advancing the way people watch and interact with movies. Having spent many years in the interactive industry, we were fortunate to be able to work on a lot of very cool and innovative projects for our clients. We wanted to take all the skills we and apply it to a different medium and make that cool something for ourselves.

How long did it take?

The process took about 6 months from concept to completion. We were involved in the production every step of the way from the writing to casting, filming, editing and building the website and game.

What are your thoughts on Transmedia and the interactive cinema?

The popularity of transmedia is very exciting for us because that's exactly the kind of experience we want to provide. We want to get the user really involved in the experience and engage them on many levels. Of course, it's always fun to sit back, sip your coffee and just be along for the ride but we're really excited about people leaning forward and getting involved.

Who seems to be doing it well so far?

The entertainment industry as a whole is doing a good job of telling their story across multiple platforms. Their able to give viewers a richer experience by developing characters, revealing interesting subplots and sometimes creating whole new worlds that allow viewers to keep the story alive. One of the greatest examples is of course Avatar. You can tell by it's success across so many platforms (3D film, interactive trailer, website, games on every platform, social networking) that this is really where the future is headed.

Can this be a revenue channel?

For brands, the challenge has always been to build awareness and recognition. Transmedia just opens up new and innovative avenues of communicating your values and developing a stronger emotional attachment with your audience. As far as monetization goes for Bank Run, we're hoping to drive player to the iPhone component through the website. There really isn't a way to market the game from within the App Store. Basically, you'll get the most eyeballs on your product only if you're incredibly popular and in the top 10. We wanted to create this immersive experience that players would want to actually pay for to continue.

Who is SilkTricky?

Silk Tricky is a Portland, Oregon based agency specializing in Enteractivity: that sweet spot where interactive and entertainment meet. Our focus is integrated production: combining motion, live-action, flash, interactive design and development.

The company is guided by Lynn Lunn, EP; Chris Lund, ECD; and Noah Costello, Interactive Director. If Noah and Chis sound familiar, they should. They were the co-founders of Mindflood, which was the wildly successful interactive design company of yesteryear.