Golan Levin is a creator, performer, innovator, engineer and MIT graduate whose work has been seen around the world, and FITC is giving you the opportunity to ask him anything.

We’ve set up a thread on Reddit for you to submit your questions and also vote up or down the questions of others. The deadline is January 16, 2012, after which Golan will be answering the top questions via video which will be posted on our YouTube channel.

You’ll need an account to participate on Reddit, but it’s free and easy to sign up, and if you’re not on Reddit yet, you’re missing out. You can submit your questions here.

Tell your friends! Here’s a sample tweet to get you started:

Ask @Golan Levin anything #AMA #Reddit #FITC http://fitc.it/8mnuC

You’ll also have the chance to see Golan in person, as he’ll also be presenting Machine Code and Visual Culture at FITC Amsterdam, February 23-25, 2012.

Golan Levin