How to Creatively Design Portals to Attract Conversions

With so many bingo sites and affiliate portals around today, it is essential to do whatever possible to attract potential visitors to your site.  In an online market with such a high level of competition, players will make a split second decision upon landing on your page, as to whether or not they want to commit more time to it.  For this exact reason, it is essential that your site gives across all the correct messages from the outset.  That is, as soon as players land on your page, the initial impression they get must make them want to stay and read more.  There are many factors involved in doing this successfully, many of which are standard rules to the design of any website.  However, the bingo industry is different to any other, and as you can imagine, there are some particular characteristics which will appeal to the demographic which visits bingo pages.

Let’s establish the target demographic first.  The demographic of bingo players has broadened significantly since before the advent of online bingo.  However, it still follows certain patterns.  Players are still much more likely to be female than male and the average age group may be considered to be anything from 35 to 65, although there are many players out with these limits.  As well as establishing this demographic spread, it is essential to analyse what people want in a site.  Potential players look for an affiliate portal which is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and promotes high quality bingo sites.

Once we have established this demographic and why people want to play, we can begin to evaluate what should be on a perfectly designed affiliate portal.  First, we’ll talk about the website characteristics which are essential for success in any website.  The page must appear to be easy-to-use, professional, trustworthy and attractive.  Without these basic elements, players can easily lose their interest and look elsewhere. 

After establishing the basic requirements for a website, a site must be perfectly suited with its target market.  Colour scheme is one of the most important things.  The colours used on the site must appeal to the visitors; i.e. middle aged women.  So, in this way, soft and playful colours should be used as they will be better received by the female players.  A site with a dark and hard appearance it hardly going to be a hit with the ladies. 

One major problem with affiliate sites is that they all appear to be very similar.  They are usually set up at a low cost and for this reason lack any real originality.  Here you can see how the designers at did something different and made themselves look very friendly and social, unlike any other new bingo sites.  Or you can see the following site as an example of a well-designed bingo site:

The first thing you’ll notice upon landing at Jackpot Jane Bingo is ‘Jane’ at the top of the screen, welcoming all new players to the site.  This has an immediate warming effect on any visitors to the site and it gives across a friendly and social first impression.  Jackpot Jane uses a colour scheme which has proved successful amongst bingo site in the past; the blue and purple spectrum.

After ensuring the visual appeal is up to scratch, the next thing to do for your site is to establish affiliate links with some really good and reputable bingo sites.  If you represent brands which people do not have a lot of respect for, this will consequentially reflect badly on the affiliate site.  Conversely, if a visitor lands on an affiliate site and are welcomed by information about some of the most established and reputable sites, then they are likely to give your site more attention than they would otherwise.  One problem, however, with representing the major brands is that many potential players may already have an account with them.  This is obviously very limiting on your ability to convert as an affiliate.

Another main aspect crucial for getting people to visit your page is to fill it with quality content.  This is the thing that people actually visit your site for.  They want you to offer them information relevant to what they are looking for.  With so many new bingo sites about today, people want quick and accurate information and you must be able to provide them with it.  Fill your site with high quality, accurate reviews and information on all the latest promotions and you’ll be much more useful for visitors.  Ensure your site is updated regularly, so that the information provided to completely relevant to the visitor at the exact point in time.

There are other factors to consider when setting up an affiliate this but these are the main ones.  Get these right and you should be on the right track.