Web Performance & Optimization

Web Performance & Optimization

March 16, 2013


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Barbara Bermes
CBC goes on a diet: Slimming down for a whole nation
March 16 2013
Web Dev


The CBC serves optimized content to millions of Canadians. We’ll share our experience & knowledge of optimizing content delivery for a high-scale & unpredictable audience. We will explain our performance stack from server-side optimization tricks to automated performance tools during deployment. We will discuss our challenges, findings and learnings of continually improving site delivery.

CBC’s approach to Web Performance
– General Tools and Tricks used to optimize where possible
– Server-side Optimization
– Automated and non-automated optimization tools and best practices on deployment, our performance stack
– Real device testing using tools like Adobe Shadow

Our findings/results:
– There is always room for improvement
– Examples how we’ve improved performance

-A good combination of all: RESS, Mobile First and Responsive Design
-Caching is a good thing and NOT a bad thing, don’t cache bust!
-Automated performance tools during deployment



Barbara Bermes
Barbara Bermes
Blake Crosby
Blake Crosby

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