Web Performance & Optimization

Web Performance & Optimization

March 16, 2013


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Nery Orellana
Optimized Web Experiences with CSS and JavaScript
March 16 2013
Web Dev


Digital is moving more and more towards single page application experiences. These experiences are not only defined by their design qualities but also by their speed and the fluidity with which those experiences are delivered.

Teehan + Lax prides itself on delivering quality experiences and this presentation intends to guide you through important considerations when developing your next web project. You will be walked through some of the techniques and tools used on a day-to-day basis.

Techniques include approaches to unit testing your codebase grading their performance on a number of browsers. We will overview how browsers interpret the code you write. Investigate a number of browser based and online tools and understanding the strengths and utility of each.

Who is this presentation for:

Web Developers

What will you walk away with?

Best practices and important considerations when optimizing your JavaScript and CSS animations. Fall back strategies for older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8.

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