Web Performance & Optimization

Web Performance & Optimization

March 16, 2013


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Arvin Singla
Front End Debugging in Firefox
March 16 2013
Web Dev


Firebug provides developers with a wealth of tools that integrate seamlessly with Firefox. This talk will explain how one can use Firebug to effectively debug front-end issues. Areas covered will include:Β 

Walkthrough of Firebug and Built in Firefox dev tools
– Learn the basics of using these tools and understand their major differences

Inline HTML and CSS editingΒ 
– How to use these tools to debug HTML and CSS issues in realtime

Performance monitoring
– View statistics and detailed information to identify bottlenecks and slowdowns
– Using third party services such as yslow to identify performance problems

Realtime Javascript debugging
– Learn how to step through and debug the execution of a running javascript application

Advanced topics
– Mobile debugging for iOS with Safari
– User agent switching for mobile testing
– Extendability and plugins

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