Yasmine is a visual & motion designer, at RONIN working as a motion design director, and has been a professional in the digital industry for over 10 years. Inspired by games, anime and Deviant Art she wanted to put her creativity to use. She taught herself Adobe Photoshop at an early age and Adobe Illustrator not long after. She felt like her designs could use a little bit more life and emotion, so she started to learn how to animate by the time she was in college.

Her career blasted off working for different digital and advertising agencies, clients and industries as a (freelance) designer until she found the agency that was perfectly cut out for her: RONIN Amsterdam. Her ambitions, personality and skills were a perfect fit with RONIN’s vision: making the most beautiful digital experiences with fellow passionate creatives.

In her free time she likes to chill out like a panda-bear and eat good food, game, boulder, watch things on a screen and travel the world.

RONIN Amsterdam is a Dutch independent digital design agency. They believe in evolution by design. They shape, they reduce. They help brands to tell their story with their experience in digital strategy, branding, design and motion.