William “Ian” Douglas is originally from Canada, but currently lives with his wife and kids in the Denver, Colorado area with their British Lab, Riker. Ian has been working in the tech industry since 1996 in various roles, centered around engineering, development, management, and education. Ian loves to get involved in 3D printing projects and airbrushing to exercise the creative half of his brain, and enjoys some good word-play with “dad jokes” — which may or may not make an appearance in his slide deck during talks at technical events.

At his core, Ian is a long-time open-source developer, educator, manager and mentor. He encourages everyone to share their collective knowledge, and is a strong champion of diversity in the tech industry. This often takes the form of doing fundraisers on his Twitch channel, https://twitch.tv/iandouglas736, where he shares career advice, resume reviews, live coding, and his creative projects.