Tyler Egeto is Lead Interactive Developer at Mod7 Communications, Inc. (“mod7”), an interactive design studio based in Vancouver. At mod7 Tyler leads execution on a diverse range of client and in-house projects including desktop apps built in Adobe® AIR™, deep online games built in Flash®, and a variety of creative solutions that integrate various CSS, JavaScript and PHP frameworks and systems. He is a proponent of the creative possibilities afforded by developing in ActionScript 3, and OOP in general. Tyler’s work at mod7 has garnered numerous awards, including accolades from the 13th Annual Webby Awards (Official Honoree) and the Applied Arts Interactive Awards. Tyler is an ActionScript 3 expert, an active member of the online Flash community, and has published a feature tutorial in “Flash & Flex Developers” magazine. He is also a community administrator for the Papervision3D forums.

When not building complex online applications at mod7, Tyler can be found exploring a wide range technologies, experimenting with Arduino, hiking and biking. Tyler hates, but tolerates, flying. Check out his personal site, www.tyleregeto.com, where he shares his discoveries in ActionScript, Java, Papervision 3D, and more.