Tony is an entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems. His unwavering belief in technology innovation and track record for disrupting the status quo has allowed him to restructure many businesses with sales of over a billion dollars, and build his own multimillion-dollar chain of retail stores across Canada.

Tony’s transformative impact on businesses stems from his desire to upset traditional markets by pioneering new products and business strategies. In 1992, when Tony founded Battery Plus, he was the first to bring innovative batteries to the North America market when battery technology was not widely available. He introduced quick-charging technology and higher capacity, to meet the burgeoning demand of the time. Highly regarded as an expert in transforming struggling markets with his creative ideas, Tony spent the following 12 years as an investor, consultant and business manager. During this time Tony purchased Cotton Ginny with the aim of restructuring the international chain of retail stores to focus on organic cotton and environmental sustainability.

Tony Chahine’s newest startup, Myant, combines his passion for disruptive technology with his extensive knowledge of problem solving in the retail and consumer market. At Myant Tony has brought together a team of engineers, chemists, physicists, scientists and fashion designers to work collaboratively, creating wearable and embedded technology solutions.

Ask him about thermostats in clothes!