Starting at age 8, Shaun became addicted to music and used it as a self form of therapy. Studying brass and composition, Shaun soon transferred to opera as well as performing in punk bands in the mid 80’s. After college, he turned his focus to immersing the former into the future by composing modern music intersected with the past.

As a Co-Founder of MK12 design studio, he has produced, composed and recorded all of MK12’s in-house projects including the long form short, MK12’s History of America. In addition to MK12, Hamontree created and fronts the Kansas City band American Catastrophe, where he composes and performs songs inspired by Murder Ballads in an experimental form.

From studying and performing opera, to the latest tools in the digital realm, Hamontree runs the gamut to constantly challenge himself to become a better musician and composer