Rex Cook founded Avatarlabs in 2001. An award-winning designer and creative director with over 11 years experience in motion picture graphics and advertising, he has been responsible for a wide variety of high profile projects. He designed the theatrical motion logos for Warner Brothers and Imagine Films, created trailer graphics for hundreds of major films such as “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” and “Independence Day” and produced main titles for dozens of films including “Batman Forever”, “Sugar & Spice”, “Sleep Over” and more.

As chief Creative Director, Rex specializes in synthesizing the different levels and platforms of the unique on-line user experience into a coherently unified design. He utilizes the technological and creative expertise of his hand-picked team of designers and developers to provide inspired and exceptional solutions for the online channel.

AvatarLabs currently works with “Universal”, “Fox”, “Disney”, “Warner Bros.”, “Paramount” and “Sony”.

Some of Avatar’s theatrical online campaigns include:”King Kong”, “Narnia”, “Ice Age 2”, “Incredibles”, “Break Up”, “40 Year Old Virgin”, “Chicken Little”, “Miami Vice” and over a hundred more.

Our goal is to innovate, not imitate.

AvatarLabs: Innovate by Design