Rana Sobhany is an innovator in every sense of the word. She has bridged the divide between mobile, technology and music to create and define the space of iPad music production and performance as The iPad DJ. She views the iPad to be the medium rather than the message and strives to meld together her experiences at the intersection of these three industries to create the next generation of music production via mobile platforms.She is a published author of the highly-anticipated title Mobilize (Vanguard Press, October 2010) and founded one of the largest analytics and rich media advertising companies in the iPhone space, with customers such as Viacom, CNN, The New York Times, and Omnicom (Pepsi, McDonalds, Levi’s). She began her love affair with music at age 6, beginning with piano, building with viola, and crystallizing with guitar and audio engineering. As a student of jazz guitar and audio production, Sobhany has worked with some of the top minds in the music industry, helping shape their mobile and digital strategies while continuing to grow and define her musical style. You can learn more about her iPad music project at destroythesilence.com.