また、2002年発表の『quino』が第14回DoGA CGアニメコンテストにて入賞、

近年は初音ミク/ボーカロイドPVの制作に参加し、LOL -lots of laugh-では
FLASH + AEによるアニメーションが注目され、公式PV集「初音ミク-MEMORIES-」に収録された。

In 2001, his Flash animation “Gonorego” series – which he created while he was still at school – became an explosive hit and one of the major Flash titles during the Flash animation boom in Japan.

It was selected as “Japanese media art 100” by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2006. His work “quino” released in 2002 won a prize for the 14th DoGa CG Animation Contest. In this particular work, he proved the possibility of a cinematic story using the original SF fantasy Flash animation.

Since then he has engaged in many fields as a professional Flash creator and animator.
His recent works include participation into production of PV clips of Hatune Miku/Vokaloid. The LOL – lots of laugh attracted much attention for its animation with Flash+AE and was included in the official PV clips, “Hatsune Miku-MEMORIES”.