Niqui’s focus in Flash Development is accessibility for audiences with special needs. For the past few years she has researched user requirements at depth, trying to understand better how users, with different needs, interact with computers and the Internet.

As a Macromedia Certified instructor for many years, her support for the local community ranges from lectures and general management in the MMUG in both South Africa and London. She has also contributed articles to the Macromedia MX Developers Journal and was previously the Macromedia Director Section Editor for the magazine.

Back in South Africa, Niqui was one of the earliest eLearning developers to develop a HIV/AIDS product that is now used by many South African companies to educate staff. She also spent time in Mozambique where she assisted UNESCO in compiling an eLearning project on Malaria.

In the UK she assisted in the set-up and training of a team to develop the eLearning material for the NHS Spine project. After being repeatedly told that Flash could never be accessible, her focus became to fight that very perception.

Teaching Experience: Macromedia Certified Instructor in South Africa & UK. Flash, Director, Authorware, Fireworks, Dreamweaver. (8 years)

Speaking Experience: MMUG’s in South Africa and London. Flash on the Beach 06 (Brighton)