Norwegian-born Niko takes elements from everyday life and raises them to the limits of abstraction, making his art a bridge between our dreams and his imagination. Niko’s universe is built up from unique cartoon-like drawings starring colorful characters that have emerged from his childhood, which have now become the trademark of his very identifiable and in-demand art style.

After having traveled Europe as a skateboarder, Niko started his creative career in Milan, where he was one of the first web pioneers to explore the limits of the internet and win various prizes with his personal website, Abnormal Behavior Child.

He was invited to work at Wieden+Kennedy and moved to Amsterdam, where he worked in Wieden’s interactive department. At Wieden, Niko continued working on his own personal projects, meeting Hanneke Metselaar in the process.

Together they decided to open their own place: a studio, store and showroom called The Hanazuki Company, which evolved into Thisisabot in 2011 after they successfully sold the Hanazuki brand to Hasbro Inc.