Mathieu Badimon has been working in the Flash industry since 2002 as a freelancer in Paris, and is now a Senior Flash Developer at Firstborn in New York.

Both as a freelancer and as a member of Firstborn, his projects have been recognized with several FWA awards including Site of the Day and FWA Site of the Month.

He is the author of the awarded website LAB, winner of the Navigation category at the Flash Forward Conference in Boston in 2007 and the Experimental category at the Web Flash Festival in Paris in 2006.

Mathieu’s innovative work led to the creation of FIVe3D in 2006, a Flash Interactive Vector-based 3D engine. It is currently used in the web industry as an alternative to the traditional 3D engines. The Five3D website has been visited about 400,000 times since its creation and the open-source code has been used in awarded websites. In May 2006, FIVe3D font parsing and storage was the basis for VectorVision, an extension to PaperVision3D, which recently became part of the full package.

At Firstborn, Mathieu develops websites for Microsoft (Zune Journey), Nokia (Music Almighty), M&M’s (Join The Hunt) and Ford (The 2010 Mustang).