Mateo cemented his creative path as a painter, working with wood, metal, paper, and multimedia techniques and obtaining his Master of Fine Arts from the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg, France in 1998. A forerunner in the field of digital art at a time when the word mapping was not a part of the vernacular, Mateo is now sought after for the private events of Guy Laliberté, Cirque de Soleil and MGM Grand, performing in the world’s largest cultural junctures. In 2002, he developed a live mapping process realized through performance, in a new art form he coined live digital painting. Working closely with world renowned Moment Factory he designed multimedia environments, collaborating on shows for the likes of Jay-Z and Céline Dion, just to name a few.

In January 2016, Mateo inaugurated his proprietary Digital Skin Software at Museum of Arts and Design, NYC. Digital Skin enables him to map live with a human gesture, to paint with animated content, colours and particles, wirelessly through video projection; with people and architecture serving as his canvas. With new developments in 3D shaders and the addition of audio, and up to three projectors with only one wireless tablet the software is always evolving. Digital Skin is the new art tool, one that brings a human touch to mapping.