Dr. Marian F. Ursu is a Reader in the Department of Computing, Goldsmiths, University of London. He leads the Narrative and Interactive Media (NIM) research group, which he founded in 2004. NIM works on the development of communication systems that employ time-based digital media, ranging from the creative end of narrative expression to the pragmatic end of informal conversation. This is inherently multidisciplinary, combining computer science and artificial intelligence with narrativity theory, media studies and interaction design. Central to the group’s research is the development of formal notations for the representation of communication models. NIM has pioneered research in interactive mediated narrativity, having been instrumental in the creation of the ShapeShifting Media Technology, the world’s first genre- and production-independent software for authoring and delivering interactive moving-picture narratives. Ursu has published widely, has organised workshops and tutorials, and has given invited talks, seminars and demonstrations on his research, whilst also serving as editorial board and programme committee member and as a reviewer for a number of related journals and conferences.