As a co-founder of Frantic Films, Ken Zorniak has been a guiding force in the company for nearly a decade. Ken has helped develop Frantic into a respected film industry presence that is known for innovative visual effects. Under his leadership, the company has diversified and expanded by adding divisions dedicated to Live Action television production, commercial production and VFX software development. The results of these efforts have made Frantic an international success story.

Working as both COO and a VFX producer, Ken has been able to divide his time between the creative/production side of the industry and overseeing Frantic’s continued growth. His main responsibilities are producing and managing visual effects projects, marketing and maintaining general business operations. A graduate of the University of Manitoba (Bachelor of Commerce, with Honors), Ken also has a major role in raising capital, increasing sales and creating key relationships with studios and production companies. To enhance client service, Ken has worked with co-founder Chris Bond to establish VFX division offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Sydney, Australia.

Ken has built his industry experience with a long list of credits as a visual effects producer, including: Warner Bros. 2006 summer blockbuster Superman Returns; Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed; X2: X-Men United; The Core; The Italian Job and Swordfish. Ken first gained recognition in the international film and television community as a visual effects producer for Stephen King’s Storm of the Century, which was nominated for an Outstanding Visual Effects Emmy Award in 1998.

In recent years, Ken has been a major catalyst in building Frantic’s Research and Development team. This focus on R&D has not only created groundbreaking VFX for Frantic’s feature film projects, it has also resulted in proprietary assets for the company’s software division—including the high-volume particle renderer Krakatoa and the versatile Flood Fluid Simulator.