Kenny Bunch’s passion for programming began at age 8 on an Adam computer. By creating his own choose-your-own-adventure games, he realized early on that he could use the computer as a tool to make his dreams a reality. From that point forward, his mindset became a motivation to create things that would make people’s lives better. The first real world opportunity he was given to achieve this goal was at CNN. Serving as the lead Flash developer, he began working on easing the ways the world consumes information, communicates, and entertains itself. Of course, with every quest, there are many markers before the finish. Moving past CNN, he has held positions as lead Flash application developer at Cartoon Network/Adult Swim and as Software Architect at both Bellsouth and Gametap. In an effort to further expand his vision and experience, Kenny formed Dreamsocket. Alongside the work with Turner, Dreamsocket provided an outlet to work with clients like CBS, Rolling Stone, Nascar, Motorola, IBM, ING, and a host of others. Each of these positions, projects, and experiences have been one more step in the quest. Whether it’s a smile on a child’s face from owning digital cards from Cartoon or connecting long distance friends with communication applications, he is moving forward. However, his goal has not been reached, and each day Kenny strives to do something new in order to give back to world that has given him so much.