Josh has over a decade of professional experience as a technologist and software developer in a wide range of disciplines – from embedded systems to enterprise search. Josh has created advanced digital interfaces for museum and library information systems, consumer products (Qualcomm, TurboChef) and websites (CondeNaste, Time Inc.) He holds a degree in Industrial Design and Computer Science from The Ohio State University. Proir to joining Method, Josh designed, developed, and produced miShare, a handheld iPod-to-iPod transfer device that was enthusiastically reviewed by nationwide media including Vanity Fair, The New York Times, USA Today, and Real Simple Magazine. Josh previously worked at frog design as a software architect, artfully coding user user interfaces for consumer products. Josh laid the groundwork for his expertise as a software developer and consultant at Verity, Thinkmap, and Time Inc. He owes his successes to a deep understanding of product design, built upon a solid foundation of software engineering, driven by a genuine curiosity of emerging technologies.