ill Golick lives at the corner of TV and Digital. Combining deep experience in series television with a passion for social media and the latest digital tools, Jill has been telling stories on the web since 2007.

As a screenwriter, Golick has more than 200 hours of produced television to her credit, including Instant Star, Zaboomafoo and Canadian Sesame Street. As a new media creator, Golick has four web series under her belt, including The Spam Scam, the first implementation of Ruby Skye P.I., a transmedia detective franchise aimed at kids.

Golick is the president of the Writers Guild of Canada. She blogs on screenwriting and transmedia at and hosts the podcast Writers Talking Television. She is a frequent speaker, having recently appeared at Writing in Dangerous Times, iLunch, NextMedia and Prime Time. She reaches advanced television writing at York University.