Jeremy Goldstein founded Quadrant 5 Studios with Ed Hickey in 1998 after years of producing music under the EVAC moniker. Q5 was created as an outlet for not only their personal work but also commercial audio projects such as film, internet, and broadcast work. Since its conception, Quadrant 5 has been successful in both fields; receiving two Omni awards, a Native Instruments artist endorsement, and numerous positive reviews in international publications.

To date, EVAC have released music on four record labels both stateside and in the UK, and will be celebrating the first release on the q5 imprint in the summer of 2004. Other recent work includes a remix collaboration for the new Funkstorung LP, additional production for The Get Up Kids forthcoming album, and original production for Anti-pop Consortium and Approach. EVAC will also be performing at the Sonar Multimedia Festival in Barcelona, Spain, in June, 2004.

In the past year, Jeremy has worked with MK12, Velocity Studio, and The Horus Project. These collaborations have been very well received: The Horus Projects Konstrukt: Destrukt piece was broadcast on RAI TV, in Italy, and also received an F.W.A. in April of 2003. Recently, Quadrant 5s website,, designed by Velocity Studio, was featured in Taschens 1000 Favorite Websites (book+dvd).