JD Hooge is a Portland, Oregon based graphic and interactive designer. Since 2001, he has designed and developed award-winning projects for arts, media, and commercial clients. JD was recently named one of Print Magazine’s “30 under 30” New Visual Artists.

In 2006, JD left Second Story Interactive Studios, where he had spent 3+ years taking the design lead on rich-media experiences for several distinguished museums and cultural institutions. His work for Second Story has been featured in publications such as Communication Arts, I.D., STEP, Print and HOW magazine.

Prior to working at Second Story, JD co-founded the Fourm Design Studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At Fourm, he and his partners spent many tireless hours experimenting with Flash and playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Miraculously, they also developed numerous successful print and interactive projects.

JD is currently working on projects of all shapes and sizes from his studio in Portland and taking care of a newly aquired 1950’s bungalow.