James Jackson studied multimedia and computing at university and started his professional career working firstly on military defence and then bespoke e-learning for enterprise customers. Then he worked as the lead developer on projects building both highly interactive experiences and massive multiplayer games using Flash, JavaScript and server side technologies, for a large range of well know companies and brands. James has won an interactive BAFTA for a commercial flash project as technical lead while working for CompleteControl a leading interactive agency.

For the past year has been an I.T consultant and has been designing and developing realtime interactive web applications, platforms and services leveraging the latest features in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Node.JS & NonSQL and is currently focused as a private cloud specialist currently planning & building a production private clouds as part of his consultancy work. James loves all new technologies and loves to talk about them and is passionate about Node.JS, HTML5, HaXe and Cloud Computing.