Inigo Quilez decided to focus his life on computer graphics when he discovered the demoscene at the age of 18. Before that he was grew enjoying ski and nature but also programming fractals and other visual experiments, but it was not until he met the underground community of the demoscene that he understood code and maths could build beauty.

Within the demoscene he learnt the basic principles and algorithms of CG first (tunnels, metaballs and the oldschool effects) and soon started to join the creative side of the comunity where he developed new techniques and ideas himself. He specialized in procedural content creation, where 3d objects, animations, textures and sound would be generated from code and maths instead.

After having worked professionally in virtual reality and realtime rendering of massive data sets, now he is working at Pixar Animation Studios doing what he likes the most – inventing techniques and formulas and producing procedural imagery.