Fred Schott is a Software Engineer living and working in San Francisco, CA, and is the CEO and co-creator of Astro. Basically, he builds rad things for the web, and writes (a lot) about JavaScript.

He kicked things off by working for Box, specifically on the new Mobile & Accessibility sites from project inception to launch. He then moved onto WorkLife (acquired by Cisco), leading a few different teams. At WorkLife, Fred championed a few different projects that drastically optimized things (reducing memory leaks, improving platform uptimes, reducing resource and financial costs, etc.), while launching new features on tight deadlines.

Fred joined Google in 2016 to work on a then-new web technology called Web Components, playing a significant role in developing the technology that we know today. He’s since done many talks exploring the journey of making Web Components a reality.

He’s still desperately trying to adopt a dog.