Emilie Hersh has led the InterKnowlogy team since 2006, bringing a solid background of consulting, business development, operational and strategy expertise to the company. Having led multi-million dollar engagements for global companies, built out cross-functional teams with a focus on exceptional delivery and exceeding customer expectations, and creating successful sales teams based on her own accomplishments in business development, the addition to the InterKnowlogy team has been wildly beneficial. Responsible for all aspects of InterKnowlogy’s operations, she also heads up strategic development, both within the partner community and the greater business environment. Passionate about the leading-edge technologies and solutions that are possible based upon InterKnowlogy’s mastery of the .Net stack, the ability to work with customers to help them realize their business goals via the incorporation of highly innovative concepts is one of her favorite aspects of her role at InterKnowlogy. Committed to the development of her own team, Emilie supports and mentors all of her team members to ensure that they are aware of and pursuing the professional opportunities in which they are most interested by creating innovative programs within the company, and encouraging others to do the same.