Drasko’s creations are often an intersection of sound, visuals and technology. His projects take form as interactive installations, digital experiences, music records, audio-visual and generative art.

As a creative director and sound designer, Drasko has created for brands such as Google, IBM, National Geographic, Visa, the city of Santa Monica, and had work featured in media such as Red Bull TV, Web Designer Magazine, Computer music magazine, TEDxToronto, IdN magazine, and has been awarded to create a permanent interactive art installation in the city of Santa Monica in 2021.

As a music producer and sound designer, Drasko is an affiliate of Warner Brothers and has licensed music and sound design for brands and films including: Blade Runner 2049, Tenet, X-Men: Mutants, Atomic Blonde, Hellboy, Mission Impossible 4, NBA, NFL, NHL, American Horror Story, Gravity, HBO Max, Disney+, IBM, Google and more.

Drasko publishes music on the prestigious IDM record label Detroit Underground. His audio-visual art and NFT art collections are available on MakersPlace and SuperRare.

Drasko is the founder of Drastic Studios, an interdisciplinary digital and experiential production company, and has won awards such as One Show Sound Design Award, Communication Arts Award, and has contributed to many creative initiatives.