Dongyub Lee is a Rich Media Developer through interactive programming, 3D animation, film & game development. He is CEO of DnL Productions, Inc.with offices in Toronto, Canada and Seoul, Korea. Obsessed with computers since 1984, one of his first computers was an Apple II+, and he still remembers 1200bps dialup modems and Future Splash Animation from Future Wave. Dongyub was one of the first Flash Lite developers in the world and spoke at Adobe MAX 2006 Korea on Flash Lite development.

Dongyub developed in 2002 which is a full Flash game site for mobile devices; the world’s first MP3P Flash user interface which is iRiver Clix; the first PMP Flash user interface, Yukyung Viliv P1; and he is currently working for Samsung, LG and Audiovox on their latest mobile and DTV product.

He loves animation, comics and games; is interested in HD filming, 3D visual effects, and motion compositing. He is learning yoga and martial arts and likes cats much more then dogs. He loves cooking by himself and has been on a diet for the last 20 years.

He has lived in Toronto since 1992.