The majority of my imagery is based on my experiences growing up in a small rural community north of Toronto and relating these experiences to the expanding urban environment I find myself in at present. My recent work has been dealing with a theme of rural meets urban and the urge to gain control over our future in relation to an escalating loss of nature. My paintings and drawings are renderings of complex social spaces crowded with familiar and mutated characters. I use repetition of character to illustrate ideas of technological advancement and the consequences of such advancement. Aesthetically I combine aspects of cartoon, graffiti and contemporary design to produce my own illustrative style. My ‘style’ is a fusion of imagery absorbed while growing up on the family farm and living in my present urban setting. I rely heavily on my imagination, but my work is based on reality and my immediate surroundings. Selected clients: Sony Creative, Japan; ProKeds, USA; Fox/Fuel TV, USA; Nike, USA/ Canada; Fataim, Japan; Voi, Japan; Sims snowboards, USA; 55DSL, USA/Japan; Thunderbirds, Japan; Excite Media, Japan; Radioactive, Malaysia; Die Gestalten Verlag, Germany