De Monsters is a Dutch design studio founded by Paul Reijnierse, Erik van de Wiel and Ferdi Koomen. They are passionate about creating tools that help designers and developers with their work. The first of these tools is De MonsterDebugger, a free AIR application that can be used to debug Flash, Flex and AIR applications which is used by developers all over the world.

Currently the team of Monsters is working on their next monstrous application: Blackbox, an application that is aimed to solve many problems concerned with co-creation and workflow for creative teams. Blackbox combines management and creation of a creative process to show how a project evolves and how the workflow is structured in a visual way. It allows a creative team to manage and communicate about a project, document their work during their workflow and automatically share it with their team, no matter where they are. De Monsters are using Adobe AIR and C++ to create Blackbox.