Daniel Riley is the Creative Director of Lifecapture Interactive; he is also Co-Founder of LCI, which is listed in Profit Magazines “Profit Top 50”. Daniel has won several design awards for his projects, and is winner of the 2008 CNMA Designer of the Year award. Although primarily focused on the online medium, he has covered several disciplines in his career including; Game Architecture and Design (I.Hoffmann & Associates), 3D Modeling & Animation for clients such as Disney and Babylon 5. Daniel was also a Visual Effects Supervisor for Two Television Series. His Education includes; The Fine Arts Program at Dawson C├ęgep in Quebec, Digital Media Studios in Toronto, and the University of Toronto (ITDC) Faculty of Architecture and Design. Daniel looks forward to the coming semantic web and true digital convergence – and is involved in how design and marketing will relate to an increasingly sophisticated audience.