Currently living and working in Toronto, Canada, Chris has carried his sensibilities and experiences from his mentorship under Bruce Mau in the world of print, branding, product, video and architectural design into motion design and film. Over the course of his creative career, Chris has actively sought out beauty and meaning in the places where the visual arts and sciences converge.

In 2010, Chris and his longtime collaborator Alexandre Torres met EP Kate Bate and founded Tendril, a design-driven animation, VFX, and digital innovation studio, creating beautiful and thoughtful visuals across many mediums. With roots in Brazil and Canada, they are a diverse group of directors, designers, artists and producers that come together to push the boundaries of the visual storytelling experience, employing an always evolving fusion of technology and craft. The diversity of cultural influences and myriad of creative voices is their binding agent. Their vision is to rediscover the everyday through the filter of their imaginations. To inspire and be inspired.

In his free time, Chris explores deserts, chases bugs around with macro lenses and fabricates 3D printed fractals.