André Stringer finds his voice through the visual medium and is making waves as a Director and Creative Director in the advertising industry at Shilo, the company he co-founded.

He jumpstarted his career in the vibrant world of action sports cinematography and independent filmmaking. This led to his work on “Open Transport,” which was internationally recognized as a benchmark for independent hip-hop filmmaking. He followed that with stints directing at BET and various design and production companies.

In honing his love for visceral communication, André continues to fuse his skills in visual aesthetics and filmmaking. He has led a number of clients through successful campaigns, such as those for Cingular/AT&T, Scion, and Showtime.

His passion for experimental endeavours is realized through side projects, including short films and music videos. He and the Shilo team put their passion to paper when they launched their first book, We Make It Good, in the summer of 2007.