Anastasia is an artist / creative technologist, based in San Francisco, who creates immersive art to explore the social impacts of emerging technologies (and sometimes to make experiential/ nice things). Her practice combines the mediums of spatial computing (augmented, virtual and mixed reality), interaction design, generative design and physical installation. She holds a Master of Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley and has been using 3D design tools and computation to generate art and architecture since 2009.

Anastasia is a former resident of Mozilla XR Studio and is currently a resident at the Gray Area Foundation where she is developing projects that combine AR/VR with experiences in the physical world. In early 2019 she co-founded PLACE, a non-profit that researches the socio-spatial implications of XR through art, design and education. She is also a product designer at Oculus, where she is working on experience, interface and interaction design for VR.