Alex Beim is an artist, speaker, creative director and founder of Tangible Interaction, an experiential design firm whose interactive installations have been enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Known for his Zygotes, giant helium-filled balls that respond to motion, touch and sound; his Digital Graffiti Walls; and other interactive luminescent installations, Beim relies on a complex mix of technological innovation to work his magic. His seamless use of technology in the service of art constructs immersive, sensory experiences that have the higher purpose of creating meaningful connections between people, their environments, and their inner selves.

Beim’s work has been used extensively in music festivals around the world and by bands such as Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Purity Ring and the Chemical Brothers. His Zygotes continue to be an integral part of shows by the international performance artists, Blue Man Group. As well, Beim and his team designed and built sixteen interactive installations for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic, and were featured in the closing ceremonies. His Digital Graffiti Wall wowed celebs at the grand opening of the Chanel store in NYC and other large brands, including Virgin, MTV and Lexus license Tangible’s products. He has been featured extensively in the press, including in The New York Times, Huffington Post, Make and IDN Magazine. Alex is an engaging, passionate speaker and has presented at Pechakucha, Creative Mornings, Cyborg Camp and FITC (Vancouver), Imagine Creative (Ireland), the University of Linz, and NMM2011 Sweden.