FITC Mobile 2009

2009-09-13 00:00:00 2009-09-15 00:00:00 America/Toronto FITC Mobile 2009 Jam packed with information as well as a massive networking opportunity, FITC Mobile 2009 consists of presentations, demonstrations, and panel discussions, and is one of the only events in the world covering all aspects of mobile content. With some of the most interesting and engaging… Toronto FITC Toronto



Why A Dollar

Focus, focus, focus. Then continue to focus. In the freshest of emerging markets like the iTunes App Store and Android Market, your team has to eliminate variables in order to succeed. The first variable that we should collectively eliminate is: Price. Start with the one thing that your app does better than any other app, and focus on polishing that feature until it shines at the $0.99 price point. Charge a dollar because you can deliver that one feature faster, at a higher quality, to more people than if you’d waited to add things and charge more money later. Your one-dollar-app will help you bootstrap your two-dollar-app, and on upwards over time.

Begin with a dollar because there are certain expectations that users have, once they pay just a little bit of money for something. Don’t charge too much, or expectations could be inflated. Ship just enough software that your customers recognize value. One dollar can get you valuable feedback and praise, where two or three dollars may get you wishful thinking and complaints. In his talk, Dom will describe lessons learned from HP Labs, the MIT Media Lab, Twitter, and Adobe Systems about the value of simplicity and a focus on the mobile market. Case studies will include his work with the Obama ’08 iPhone App team, and his San Francisco-based iPhone Apps company DollarApp.


iPhone Developers or folks looking to get into iPhone development.


How to focus in a dynamic new market.
How to bootstrap an iPhone development firm.
How to include design principles throughout the product life cycle.