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Back in the 1970s, Steve Mann envisioned clothing, eyeglasses, and the like, as building blocks in an architecture of one. This building designed and built for a single occupant, with quantimetric self-sensing of a body, gave rise to a quantified self. Based on this premise, he hypothesized that if we equip people with architectural features that buildings have, such as a surveillance system of the environment around them, we will arrive at logical counterparts: security (Latin for care-free) becomes suicurity (self care) and surveillance (French for watching over / oversight) becomes sousveillance (undersight).

In this talk, Steve Mann will present some of the latest work in quantimetric self-sensing, health and fitness through integral kinematics, MindMesh and the latest in gesture-based wearable computing work that grew from his “sixth sense” system published in IEEE Computer in 1997. Rather than wearing a blindfold that puts a rift between you and the real world, you’ll experience the Sensularity – the Sensory Singularity is near.