FITC Amsterdam 2013

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An Influxis Voodoo lounge presentation.
Only at FITC. Free drinks. 30 minute presentations. Cool topics!
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It is a fact that the Dutch are the tallest people in the world. Which can be attributed in part to their lifelong love of dairy products: Milk, cheese, ‘vla’. If it’s dairy, the Dutch love it. So no surprise the Dutch love their cows: dairy producing animals they are and oh so adorable to look at. What better way to reintroduce a traditional Dutch dairy brand to the Dutch market in a campaign featuring real life cows?

This session Marlu will give a case study about Cow Bingo. A Flash project developed in 2012: Take a group of cows, give each of them a RFID tag to wear and let the Facebook audience select the five cows they think will leave the pasture first to get milked. At milk time, the moment they return to the barn, the cows make in real-time the draw for the bingo and decide the winner: That’s cows going next level. This session will include topics like how photogenic these animals are, handling RFID data, sending 3G data from a pasture, getting the most out of a Facebook campaign but also how to deal with the unpredictable Dutch weather. Let’s play CowBingo!