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The Rules of Experience Design, takes a deep dive into the rules and norms that shape the design of shared spaces. These rules often reflect the technology, societal values, and cultural mores of their times and are often so ingrained in our experience of these spaces that we seldom question their origins or current relevance. The session aims to challenge these conventions, encouraging us to critically assess whether these longstanding norms still serve their intended purpose or if they need to be reimagined for our rapidly changing world.

The talk is further a call to action for attendees to consider new, innovative approaches that can promote inclusivity, engagement, and fascination in shared environments. By examining the historical context and questioning the established design rules, the session opens up a dialogue about the future of communal spaces. It’s not just an analysis of what is, but a provocative invitation to imagine what could be, encouraging participants to become active contributors in the evolution of experience design.

Five Things Audience Members Will Learn

  • Understanding of Historical Design Norms: Attendees will gain insights into the historical context of design norms for public spaces, learning how these have evolved based on past technologies and societal changes.
  • Critical Analysis Skills: The talk will equip participants with the ability to critically analyze and question existing design rules and practices in various public spaces like museums, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Innovative Design Strategies: Attendees will learn about innovative and forward-thinking design strategies that challenge the status quo, focusing on creating more engaging and inclusive environments.
  • Tools for Creating Inclusive Spaces: The session will provide practical tools and approaches for designing spaces that cater to a diverse range of users, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.
  • Inspiration for Future Projects: Participants will leave inspired with fresh ideas and perspectives for their future projects in experience design, whether in small-scale settings like coffee shops or larger venues like hotels and museums.


The objective of this session is to inspire and equip attendees with the insights and tools needed to innovate and enhance the design of public spaces, ranging from museums to restaurants, hospitality, and brand activations, fostering more engaging and inclusive experiences.

Target Audience

The audience for this session is anyone excited about designing experiences in public spaces.