FITC San Francisco 2010
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  • San Francisco



Eugene will show how Adobe Flash can be used for efficient object recognition. SURF (Speeded Up Robust Features) uses advanced computer vision algorithms to bring sight to the machine. Based on the OpenSURF and OpenCV projects, ASSURF is an ActionScript 3 library that can do everything from static image analysis to real time video tracking. If augmented reality is too limited for you, then ASSURF takes it to the next level. Need to pick a card out of a deck of cards? Check. Want to create a facial recognition application? No problem. Find out how to do all this and more.

People interested in image processing, developers who’ve worked with augmented reality and wanted more power, anyone looking for leading edge technologies that could be used for marketing.

Attain:Knowledge of the ASSURF library of code and how to implement basic object recognition into their own applications.